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March 9 - 12, 2021  ~  Virtual Conference
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  Asynchronous Presentations

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Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent Systems and Tools. Expert Systems. Pattern Recognition. (IMCIC)
''A Data Oriented Approach to the Problem of Power Grid Non-Technical Losses in Developing Countries''
Grant, Leonardo*; Latchman, Haniph** (*Jamaica, **United States)

''Cognition Follows from Entropy Increasing and World Complexity''
Mikheev, Yuriy (Russian Federation)

''Constraint Programming as an AI Option''
Abbott, Russ; Lim, Jung Soo (United States)

''Q-Learning Interacting with Kalman Filters''
Takahata, Kei; Miura, Takao (Japan)

Biomedical Engineering - (0000001) (IMCIC)
Organizers: Shigehiro Hashimoto and Hirotoshi Hishida (Japan)
''Basic Research on Music Therapy - Proposal on Timbre Comparison Experiment Method -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Liu, Jiayue; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Keiko; Hishida, Mitsuhiro; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Behavior of Cell on Micro Ridge Pattern After Continuous Stimulation of Tangential Force''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Morita, Yu; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Construction of a Music Database for Earphone Hearing Loss Prevention and Music Therapy''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Yamamoto, Dai; Kasahara, Riku; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Keiko; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Mitsuhiro (Japan)

''Earphone Hearing Loss - Discussion of Accuracy of Ear Age Conversion Method -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Watanabe, Tomoki; Fujii, Yamato; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Mitsuhiro (Japan)

''Effect of Activity of Cell on Division under Shear Flow Field''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Asahino, Akira; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Effect of Cell Type on Behavior of Cell under Shear Flow Field Before and After Division''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Asahino, Akira; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Effect of Contact between Myoblasts on Making Orientation of Cells under Shear Flow Field''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Sakai, Michitaka; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Effect of Shape of Cell on Dielectrophoretic Movement in Flow Channel''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Noji, Takeru; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Effect of Shape of Cell on Movement over Micro Groove in Flow Channel''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Kuwabara, Shono; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Experiment of Music Therapy Conducted at a Classical Music Recital - Measurement of Pulse Wave, Blood Pressure and Mind Orientation -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Kasahara, Riku; Hishida, Keiko; Fujii, Yamato; Etoh, Hina; Hishida, Mitsuhiro; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Experiment of Music Therapy Conducted at a Classical Music Recital - Measurement of Saliva Amylase, Hand Sweat and Muscle Hardness -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Kasahara, Riku; Hishida, Keiko; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Etoh, Hina; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Mitsuhiro (Japan)

''Tracking of Deformation of Cell During Passing Through Micro Gap''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Toyota, Shoki; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

Ciencias de la Complejidad (CICIC)
''El Significado de Universidad en la Tensión Globalización Tecnológica del Siglo XXI – Validación del Cuestionario UGT.2021''
Burgos, Carmen Gloria; Miranda, Horacio (Chile)

''Exploración de un Modelo de Emprendimiento Solidario en el Marco de la Convergencia de la Cuarta Revolución Industrial y el COVID-19''
Rojas-Mendizabal, Veronica A.; Serrano-Santoyo, Arturo; López-Hernández, Carlos G. (Mexico)

Complexity (IMCIC)
''Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow Complexity When Listening Music with Emotional Content''
Cavieres, Rubén; Landerretche, Jean; Jara, José Luis; Chacón, Max (Chile)

''Why Are Simple Organisms Haploid and Complex Organisms Diploid?''
Ginn, Brian R. (United States)

Computer Science and Engineering (IMCIC)
''A Deep Learning Method for Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images''
Attioui, Sanae; Najah, Said (Morocco)

''An Application of Event-Driven Platform for Smart City Decision Making''
Saric, Andrej; Zakarija, Ivona; Batos, Vedran (Croatia)

''Analysis of Risks to Data Privacy in All United Nations Member Countries''
Patterson, Wayne (United States)

''Blockchain Technology and Cryptomarket: Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment''
Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Jimenez-Garces, Sonia; Șoiman, Florentina (France)

''Development of Game-Based Learning Scenarios for Social Engineering and Security Risk Management for SMEs in the Manufacturing Industry''
Scholl, Margit; Gube, Stefanie; Koppatz, Peter (Germany)

''Domain Ontologies and the Conversion of Tacit Knowledge in Software Development''
Evangelista, Euler; Muylder, Cristiana (Brazil)

''Security, Privacy and Interoperability Requirements for Peruvian Remote Digital Signatures''
Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Cruzado Quispe, Ever; Quiroz Papa de Garcia, Rosalia (Peru)

Cybernetics, Communications and Control (IMCIC)
''Electromagnetic Security Vulnerabilities and Instruction Disassembly of Controller in Adaptive Controllers''
Vaidyan, V.M.; Tyagi, Akhilesh (United States)

''Emerging Cyberbiosecurity Threats in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Domain''
Franchina, Luisa; Inzerilli, Giulia; Scatto, Enrico; Calabrese, Alessandro; Coda, Natascia; Giuliana, Marco Antonio (Italy)

''Enterprise Systems and Threats''
Blair, Risa (United States)

''Information Security: New Encryption and Decryption Methodology Based on e-Books Library Used in Plain Text Cryptography''
Skrobanek, Paweł; Górski, Grzegorz; Wojsa, Mateusz (Poland)

Education and Meta-Education (IMCIC)
''A Hybrid Asynchronous-Synchronous Learning Network (HASLN) Flipped-Classroom Approach in Engineering Education''
Latchman, Haniph*; Aiken, Paul**; Anderson, Stephan**; Bernard, Richard**; Gordon, Rene** (*United States, **Jamaica)

''Apply Explainable AI to Sustain the Assessment of Learning Effectiveness''
Chou, Tsung-Nan (Taiwan)

''Covid-19 Context for Meta Assessment of Digital Learning on European and Oriental Languages Programs''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Evaluation of Simulation Based Education Clinical Preparation Program for Unstable Patient Management''
Kitapcioglu, Dilek; Yaylaci, Serpil; Inanici, Sinem Yildiz; Aksoy, Mehmet Emin; Gulpinar, Mehmet Ali (Turkey)

''Indicators of Schooling Development''
Sall, Mamadou Youry (Senegal)

''Inter-Personal Tensions within Organizations – A Systemic Approach for Personal Development''
Belcredi, Philipp; Stingl de Vasconcelos Guedes, Tilia (Austria)

''On the Design and Conduction of Virtual Workshops: Experiences from Going Digital''
Mennig, Patrick; Tamanini, Jill-Valerie (Germany)

''The (Failed) Effort for a Systematic Approach to Legal Education in Albania''
Leka, Adrian (Albania)

Education Research, Theories, Practice, and Innovations (ICETI)
''A University's Developmental Framework: Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating a K-12 Teacher Cybersecurity Micro-Credential Course''
Mugayitoglu, Bekir; Borowczak, Mike; Burrows, Andrea; Carson, Amanda; Person, Caitlin; Finch, Alexander; Kennedy, Caitlin (United States)

''Engaging Students in Teaching and Learning Research Methods''
Mary, Daw (Myanmar)

''Engineering Graduation Profiles and Thinking Styles: Educational Proposals to Strengthen the Training of Engineers''
Gaete-Peralta, Claudio; Huincahue, Jaime (Chile)

''How to Promote Innovative Management of Schools? The Influences of Principals' Leadership and Teachers' Organizational Citizenship Behavior''
Hsieh, Chuan-Chung; Li, Hui-Chieh; Fan, Ju-Fang (Taiwan)

''Peace Education in Societies Involved in Intractable Conflicts: Intervention Among the Arab Group as a Case Study''
Masri, Sehrab; Zubeidat, Ihab; Dallasheh, Waleed (Israel)

''Resignification of the Concept of Linear Inequality Through Graphic Argumentation – The Case of the Noise Emission Norm''
Lemus-Cortez, Neemias; Gaete-Peralta, Claudio; Huincahue, Jaime (Chile)

''Student Response System Liking and Performance in Kinesiology Active Learning Classroom Environments''
Harper, Sara A.; Kleinoeder, John; Ingalls, Victoria (United States)

Education: Concepts, Technologies and Methodologies (IMCIC/ICETI)
''A Graphical Approach to Solving Math Word Problems''
Cwiakala, Martin (United States)

''Developing Visualized e-Learning Tool to Enhance the Learning of Tones by Learners of Cantonese as a Second or Additional Language''
Cheng, Ken S.K. (Hong Kong)

''Digital Visual Channels as Transmedia Educational Tools – Instagram as a Tool for an Augmented Classroom''
Linfante, Vittorio (Italy)

''Modeling Organizational Structure of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program: Transition from Consumers to Producers of Knowledge''
Scrivner, Olga; Scott, Daphne; Sipes, Shannon (United States)

''Quest for Quality Teachers as an Indispensable Factor for Student Success: Case Study United Arab Emirates''
Kyriakidis, Kleanthis; Koikas, Evgenia (United Arab Emirates)

''Sudden Introduction of a Flipped Classroom Framework Involving Face-to-Face and Synchronous Active Learning Strategies to Undergraduate Dental Students: A Quasi Experimental Study''
Fadel, Hani T.; Khalifah, Ayman M.; Abu Znadah, Wesam (Saudi Arabia)

''The Degree of Implementing Total Quality Management Standards in Arab Minority Higher Education Institutions in Israel''
Dallasheh, Waleed; Zubeidat, Ihab; Masri, Sehrab (Israel)

''User-Friendly Interfaces for Vygotskian Computer-Based Learning Activities''
Dello Iacono, Umberto; Amorese, Terry; Cuciniello, Marialucia; Mannillo, Chiara Vitina (Italy)

e-Learning (ICETI)
''An Innovative Education Program's Response to COVID-19 Utilizing ICT in Six African Countries''
Langness, Teresa H. (United States)

''Mobile-Based Assessment and College Students' Motivation, Self-Efficacy, and Academic Performance''
Mokhtari, Abrisham; Ciancio, Julie; Consten, Jodi (United States)

''The Impact of e-Learning on Students: Measuring the Acceptance of the Technology between Undergraduates' Students in Business Studies''
Shaaban, Safaa (Egypt)

''Transforming Preservice Teachers' Learning in Online Courses: A Framework of Instructional Design''
ElSayary, Areej (United Arab Emirates)

Generación, Comunicación y Gerencia del Conocimiento (CICIC)
''Exotización de la Identidad Cultural del Cusco como Estrategia Mercantil Extractiva del Recurso Turístico''
Martinez Quiroz, Nicanor Rolando; Alvarez Chavez, Willie; Orco Diaz, Alipio; Rojas Enriquez, Hesmeralda (Peru)

''Gobernanza del Agua y Participación Comunitaria Frente al Cambio Climático en la Microcuenca Mariño, Abancay Perú''
Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Calla Chumpisuca, Yaneth Roxana (Peru)

''La Inversión Pública Nacional y su Implicancia en la Gestión de la Ejecución Presupuestal: Una Experiencia Basada en la Resiliencia de los Trabajadores de la Comuna Local de Abancay, Fase 2018''
Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Luciano Alipio, Rober; Sotomayor Chahuaylla, José Abdon (Peru)

Impact and Applications of Information and Communication Technologies (IMCIC/ICSIT)
''A Systematic Literature Review Protocol for Evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of EHR and PDS''
Mwim, Emilia N.; Mbamalu, Oluchi N. (South Africa)

''Analyzing the Associations between Educational Background Factors and Problem-Solving in Technology-Rich Environments: An Investigation of United State Adult's Proficiency Level in PIAAC''
Aljawfi, Omar; Pei, Tzusheng; Abu-El Humos, Ali (United States)

''Capturing Music Engagement Among Women with ALZ/Dementia Using iMovie Technology''
Thompson, Laura (United States)

''Is Software Property? – The Missing Half of the Property Metaphor and Other Better Alternatives''
Hung, Chao-Kuei*; Fernandes, Hilaire** (*Taiwan, **Switzerland)

''Issues of Form''
Follesa, Stefano; Cesaretti, Sabrina; Armato, Francesco (Italy)

''Power Grid Vulnerability Analysis with Rising Renewables Infiltration''
Das, Saikat; Wang, Zhifang (United States)

''Regional Pet Database: An Information System to Guarantee Pet-Population Control''
Manca, Grazia; Callegaro, Azzurra; Rostellato, Daniele; Rizzo, Simone; Bortolotti, Laura; Contalbrigo, Laura (Italy)

''Seasonal Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Lipid Consumption''
Mitsuno, Tamaki; Maruyama, Yui Ando (Japan)

Informática y Cibernética Aplicadas a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería (CICIC)
''Análisis Comparativo de Modelos de Predicción de la Probabilidad de Default en Cumplimiento del Estándar Internacional NIIF 9''
Lozano, Catalina; Romero, Francisco P. (Spain)

''Aplicación Informática en Tiempos de Pandemia como Soporte Logístico en una Empresa de Publicidad Exterior''
Pachas Sifuentes, Ricardo D. (Peru)

''Modelo Predictivo de Mortalidad en Pacientes con COVID-19 en Trujillo – Perú''
Yupari Azabache, Irma Luz; Bardales Aguirre, Lucia Beatriz; Rodríguez Azabache, Julio Antonio; Barros Sevillano, Jaylin Shamir; Rodríguez Díaz, Ángela Milagros (Peru)

''Simulación de un Proceso de Interacción para una Ontología Comercial con Sistema Multi-Agentes (MAS) Programados con JADE''
Peralta Navarro, Josue L. (Peru)

''Uso del ANFO en la Voladura de Rocas en Mina y la Contaminación Acústica en Fuerabamba''
Aguirre Huillcas, Franklin; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida (Peru)

Ingeniería e Innovación Tecnológica (CICIC)
''Análisis Multitemporal del Glaciar del Ampay por Medio de la Plataforma de Google Earth Engine, Periodo 2000-2019''
Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Meza Peña, Nelson P.; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn N.; Aguirre Huillcas, Franklin; Escobedo Silva, Feliciano (Peru)

''Business Warehouse con SAP para el Análisis de Ventas en Corporaciones Peruanas''
Cabana Ventosilla, Jose C.; Gayoso Perez, Dixor R. (Peru)

''Capacidad Fitorremediadora de Amaranthus Hybridus- Especie Vegetal Andina- en Suelos Contaminados por Metales Pesados en el Botadero de Basura de Quitasol-Imponeda de Abancay''
Soto Carrión, Carolina; Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Barragán Condori, Melquiades (Peru)

''Lineamientos para la Gestión y Analítica de Datos en Sistemas IoT de Servicios Hídricos Urbanos''
Marín Ruiz, Mariana; Conti, Dante; Ospina Becerra, Victoria Eugenia (Colombia)

''Proceso de Reparto por Localización Georreferenciada de Documentación Tributaria para Contribuyentes de un Municipio del Perú''
Ortega Jauregui, Patricia L.; Tuesta López, Lucero K. (Peru)

''Sistema Web Basado en la Teoría de Colas para la Atención de los Clientes de un Municipio del Perú''
Grandez Aguilar, José (Peru)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IMCIC)
''A Literature Review: Accommodating Kids in Inner City Developments''
Malaila, Charles Pfungwa*; Burger, Michelle*; van Heerden, Andries (Hennie)**; Chawynski, Greg** (*South Africa, **New Zealand)

''Bestination: A Sustainable Approach to Problem Solving for Entrepreneurs''
Sachayansrisakul, Navarat*; Ponnara, Nattawat** (*Australia, **Thailand)

STEM/STEAM/Entrepreneurial Education: New Conceptualizations and Pedagogy - (0000003) (ICETI)
Organizers: Areej ElSayary and Sufian Forawi (United Arab Emirates)
''Reforming GCC Mathematics and Science Curricula''
Madani, Rehaf (United Arab Emirates)

''STEAM Education Implementation Roadmap''
Assaf, Noura (United Arab Emirates)

''STEM Education Policy Development''
Al Quraan, Elaine (United Arab Emirates)

''Teaching and Assessing Creativity in STEAM Education''
ElSayary, Areej (United Arab Emirates)

''Theoretical and Practical Frameworks of Effective STEM Education: The UAE Context''
Forawi, Sufian A. (United Arab Emirates)

Towards Business Sophistication and Sustainability - (0000004) (IMCIC)
Organizer: Natalja Lace (Latvia)
''Exploring Prerequisites of Competence-Based Synergy in the Acquisition Processes in ICT Industry: Success Factors Approach''
Čirjevskis, Andrejs (Latvia)

''Organizing Studies Entrepreneurially to Adjust Inner and Outer Worlds During COVID-19''
Oganisjana, Karine*; Westerberg, Mats**; Hietanen, Lenita*** (*Latvia, **Sweden, ***Finland)

''Putting into Action Crisis-Driven Business Solutions During COVID-19 Pandemic''
Oganisjana, Karine; Lace, Natalja (Latvia)

''The Influence of Selected Microeconomic Factors on the Willingness of the Company Operating in Creative Industries to Collaborate''
Micak, Peter; Kocmanova, Alena (Czech Republic)

''Venture Capital Supply Determinants in Undeveloped Markets''
Matisone, Anita; Lace, Natalja (Latvia)

Trans- and Inter-Disciplinary Research, Education, and Communication: IDREC (IMCIC)
''Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience: The Impact on Data Protection and Privacy''
Fabiano, Nicola (Italy)

''Creative Accounting versus Fraud – An Interdisciplinary Approach''
Chiriac (Matei), Alina; Nișulescu, Ileana (Romania)

''Distribution Based Image Classification and its Application in Person Re-Identification''
Ding, Guangtai*; Chen, Fuhua**; Zhang, Xuemao** (*China, **United States)

''District Optimization Based on Population and Geometry – Using Taichung City as an Example''
Huang, Hsiang; Tang, Cheng-Yuan; Hor, Maw-Kae (Taiwan)

''Economic Inequality and Power Imbalance in the United States: The Role of Globalization''
Aboagye, Bright Da-Costa (United States)

''Interdisciplinary Skills Development Through Final Qualification Assessment: Survey Study for European and Oriental Languages Programs''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Multivariate Analysis of the University Labor Climate in Virtual Emergency Education Conditions Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic''
Villa González Del Pino, Eulalia M.; Pons Murguía, Ramón A.; Peñate Santana, Yaimara (Ecuador)

''SOLVeR: A Blueprint for Collaborative Optimization in Practice''
Blank, Julian; Deb, Kalyanmoy (United States)

''Teaching Mathematics as Communication, Trigonometry Comes Before Geometry, and Probably Makes Every Other Boy an Excited Engineer''
Tarp, Allan (Denmark)

''The Brotherhood and the Islamization Discourse in Egypt''
Taha, Mohamed (United Kingdom)

''The Future of Education in Ghana: Promoting Critical Pedagogy Through Problem-Posing Education''
Nkansah, Joan Nkansaa (United States)

''The Interface of Human (Nous) and Artificial (Computer) Intelligence in Inter-Disciplinary Research, International Communication and Education''
Nikolarea, Ekaterini (Greece)

''Unsupervised Machine Learning Applied to Multivariate Time Series Data of a Rotating Machine from an Oil and Gas Platform''
Figueirêdo, Ilan Sousa; Carvalho, Tássio Farias; Silva, Wenisten Dantas da; Guarieiro, Lílian Lefol Nani; Santos, Alex Alisson Bandeira; Filho, Leonildes Soares De Melo; Vargas, Ricardo Emmanuel Vaz; Nascimento, Erick Giovani Sperandio (Brazil)


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